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Bowl Feeder Options

Bowl Feeder

Many industries that utilize automation for product assembly or parts distribution or for assembly line assistance will require customized feeder bowl options.

With dedicated customer service and a professional support network, Jerhen Industries wants to be your first and only choice for the supply of new and the maintenance of existing vibratory feeder systems.

When you purchase a bowl feeder from Jerhen Industries, you'll have options on many features, some that are standard on your particular model, and some that are optional additions, such as size options, non-traditional parts accommodations, shuttle escapements for part-sorting, photo optic sensors, and more.

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Feeder Bowl Standards

Our feeder bowl standards are set in place to ensure you receive a high quality addition to your assembly system. Some of the basic components include:

  • Fan rail design
  • 4" to 48" diameter
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Dual coil drive
  • Knife rail design
  • Clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation
  • Simple set up
  • Custom tooled
  • Multi lane discharge
  • Assembly feeders

We also offer a complete range of linear feeders for our customers that may benefit from this alternative. Certain situations, such as assembly plants that work with oily parts or irregular characteristics, may find a higher level of productivity by utilizing the linear feeder system. A Jerhen representative will be able to help you ascertain whether this investment is a viable solution for you.

For more information on buying a new bowl feeder for your existing system, or replacing the entire system, browse our site to see the details on our system offerings. We also offer refurbishing services that may be more in tune with your budget. Feel free to complete our "Info Request Form" and a Jerhen representative will contact you to discuss your specific needs and options. The form includes several questions regarding your interests and also provides a section for comments; go ahead and explain your current situation and thoughts on how Jerhen can help improve your productivity.

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