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Elevated Parts Prefeeder

In the manufacturing industry, in plants and factories across the United States, leaders and executives are continually looking for ways to expedite their processes and improve efficiency, decrease work times, and maintain optimal safety standards. Using high quality, reliable parts feeders is one small part of the equation.

The elevated parts prefeeder models from Jerhen Industries can help meet these exacting criteria. Whatever type of manufacturing is done through your operations, we have a processing solution that will help maximize your productivity. If your needs include the use of gravity within the complete systems operation, our parts loaders will fit the bill.

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Parts Feeders: Steel Conveyor

Jerhen offers a patented closed frame steel conveyor system in their parts feeders that helps to minimize and eliminate the costly problem of parts jamming in the machinery. This solution is extremely cost-effective due to the elimination of the downtime that occurs in order to fix the machine and stall in workflow. Also, any costs needed to repair any damage caused by the jamming is eliminated.

Another effective solution to common manufacturing issues is the design of the elevated parts prefeeder and other conveyor models. Our unique models utilize a straight up mast design that will help minimize the amount of floor space they consume within the factory and, as a result, more valuable floor space is reserved for other uses.


If you ever experience any difficulty using your Jerhen feeder or other equipment, feel free to browse our "On-Site Service and Troubleshooting" for a quick reference to the resolving the problem yourself. This page offers a guide on making certain you have assembled all parts of the feeder correctly in order to achieve optimal function. It also lists common issues that users will encounter and how to fix them. There is also a guide to consult for proper routine maintenance to avoid problems before they occur.

If you have a question about the functions of your Jerhen feeder system or components, feel free to give us a call or fill out our contact form.

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