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There are many types of parts feeders used across most manufacturing industries. A sampling of the different types includes:

  • Vibratory feeders
  • Linear feeders
  • Inline part feeders
  • Centrifugal rotary feeder
  • Pneumatic feeder
  • Bowl feeder

These, as well as many other types, are used in a variety of ways for different purposes. For example, a spark plug manufacturer may utilize a vibratory bowl feeder because of the weight and durability of the components, while a bottling plant may need a linear or inline feeder due to the configuration of their parts and to protect the glass. Let Jerhen help determine the best system or assembly for your production.

Additional parts for your system may be purchased through Jerhen, including a sound enclosure and several types of inspection systems for quality control in your facility.

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Inspection of Part Feeders

While quality assurance is no doubt a high priority for anyone in the manufacturing or mass production industries, in many capacities it is an absolute essential. We are proud to offer the Warren Vision Systems, which can be tailored to meet your exacting criteria and help you manage your processes.

Our vision part feeders inspection systems utilize state-of-the-art technology to make sure there is 100 percent compliance to your critical specifications. Our WI-Series use cameras with high resolution to inspect for part aspects, such as head diameter, head height, shank diameter, thread characteristics and more. The statistical data on each component that passes through your parts feeders is available, then, for human inspection.

Jerhen offers both one and two-camera system model and a four camera model. Feel free to peruse our "Custom Inspection Equipment" page for more detailed information on these models and for sample screen shots.

We also offer inspection services for parts feeders. Our high speed, dimensional inspections are ISO Certified and test a number of variables in your facility. Please call us today or fill out our contact form to have a Jerhen representative help you determine if you may have a need for these products or services or for pricing information.

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