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Vibratory Parts Feeders

Vibratory Parts Feeders

At Jerhen Industries, Inc., we have been providing manufacturing solutions for industrial businesses with top tier service and high quality products since 1983. We offer turnkey services and have developed a "Total Solution Answer" for our clients across the nation. A sampling of our product lines include vibratory parts feeders, centrifugal feeders, feeder bowls, system configurations, parts loaders, parts sorters, inspection equipment and much more.

The concept is simple: listen to our clients' needs, brainstorm a solution, and fulfill it through our products and services.

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Feeders and More

Parts Feeders

The basis of the vast majority of our offerings is automating a process within a particular industry, from pharmaceuticals to automotive parts to packaging and bottling, and everything in between. Feeders at their most basic are machines that orient parts so that automated processes can capture and use or package the parts or components.

The main difference between the types of feeders is their method of directing the feed. Vibratory parts feeders, bowl feeders, are the most common type of feeders. Jerhen specializes in determining the part sorter or feeder system or combination of components that will best suit their customers' processes.

For customization on everything from large weldments to sheet metal, our manufacturing facilities stand ready to fabricate your system solution. We meet our delivery times and expected times of completion by performing all of the customization and assembly in-house at our facility. We continually add new technologies and learn how to better produce feeder systems.

We have serviced many recognizable name brand products and we currently assist nearly all automotive companies. Our facility is located in Rockford, Illinois, and its 65,000 square feet houses 40 skilled employees. We look forward to translating our experience and providing our superior service and products to meet your automation needs.

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