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Warren Part Sorters allow you to ship the right parts to your customers every time.

Warren Industries offers a broad range of economical sorting equipment designed to operate independently or function as an integral part of a cellular manufacturing application.

Our products range from vibratory bowls to high-speed roller sorters and non-contact vision inspection systems.

Warren parts sorting equipment is available with a wide variety of standard and optional features allowing you to match the equip­ment to your specific needs.

Warren Vibratory Bowl Parts Sorters
Warren vibratory bowl sorters are ideally suited for applications where parts need to be sorted by length.

These units can be integrated into stand-alone or cellular manufacturing systems.Setup is quick and easy with simple adjustments for the part length.

Optional features:

  1. Feed hopper with integral part level control
  2. Warren loaders
  3. Special stands
  4. Roller sorters for major diameter

Warren Portable Roller Sorters
Warren Roller Sorters are designed to provide an economical way to sort good or desired parts from mixed batches by major part diameter. Warren Portable Roller Sorters are designed using precision ground, hardened steel rollers for maximum durability. The unique, integral elevation adjustment allows the operator to control part throughput levels to meet the needs of the application.

Warren Portable Roller Sorters are designed for quick and easy setup and part changeover. Conveniently located thumb screws allow for quick and easy adjustment of the setting for diameter. The part deflector insures proper part orientation at the loading area which reduces the need for constant operator attention or parts jams. The acceptable parts are discharged from the front chute while the rejected parts are discharged through the side chute.

Standard features:

  1. Quick setup using simple thumb screw adjustment.
  2. Portable design allows the unit to be easily moved from one location to another.
  3. Precision ground, hardened steel rollers for longer service life.
  4. Simple height adjustment easily changes feed rate.

Optional features:

  • III Variable speed DC drive motor – infinitely adjusts "feed-through" rate.
  • Floor stand.
  • Vibratory bowl feeders and supply hoppers.

Model #

WRS 1-24


Roller Length 24" 30"
Machine Length 32" 38"
Drive Motor (AC)
(Fixed Speed)
1/4 hp 1/4 hp
Electric 115 VAC 115 VAC
Weight 80 lbs 100 lbs
Part Length 3" 3"*
Max. Part Diameter 3/4" 3/4"
* Optional parts up to 6" in length

Warren High-Speed Roller Sorters

Warren High-Speed Roller Sorters for part sorting are offered in a number of configurations and sorting lanes, from one to four to meet your specific requirements.

Warren units offer one pass high- . speed sorting by largest dia­meter of a selected part from mixed parts and foreign debris. Selected parts are separated from those too large and too small and each are discharged in separate areas.

Setup and part changeover is – accomplished by a simple adjustment. On multilane units, rollers are adjusted together for accurate duplicate spacing.

All units utilize precision ground, hardened steel rollers for accuracy and maximum durability.

Variable speed drives are offered to assure proper roller speeds to suit each part requirement, assuring maximum throughput.

A complete selection of part loaders, feed hoppers and tub dumpers are available with all sorters.

Multiple discharge chute configurations allow the units to be incorporated into a wide range of manufacturing applications.

  • Exclusive Warren adjustment system for quick and easy setup and changeover.
  • Machine tool quality construction for maximum durability and reliability.
  • Wide selection of models andconfigurations to fit a variety of applications.
  • Optional equipment including packaging-by-weight station and conveyor can be added to Warren High-Speed Roller Sorters for automated systems.
  • Warren offers a complete line and a variety of parts loaders, feed hoppers and tub dumpers to meet your manufacturing applications.
  • Variable speed drives for infinite feed rate adjustment.

Model #



WPS - 4000

WRS 2-24

WRS 2-30

Number of Sorting Lanes

1 2 4 2 2

Number of Rollers

2 4 8 4 4

Roller Length

48" 36" 48" 24" 30"

Variable Speed Drive

Standard Standard Standard Optional Optional

Feed Hopper

Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard

* Hopper Size

2 Cu. Ft. 2 Cu. Ft. 10 Cu. Ft. 2 Cu. Ft. 2 Cu. Ft.


115 VAC 115 VAC 115 VAC 115 VAC 115 VAC

Part Length


Part Head Diameter

1            1/4"

* Size can be altered upon request

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