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Inspection - ISO Certified
Automated Vision Sorting
Size Capabilities Vision Sort Capabilities Hand Sort Capabilities Belt Sort Capabilities
- Metric Inch Metric Inch Metric Inch
Diameter: M1.4 to M14 #1 to 7/16" M3 to M20 #4 to 3/4" M3 to M20 #4 to 3/4"
Length: 4mm to 191mm .157" to 7.50" 8mm to 200mm 5/16" to 8" 8mm to 200mm 5/16" to 8"
Sort Feature Defects Defects Defects
Head Height, Diameter, Recess Cracks, Chipped or Broken Punches Undersize
Length Overall-Oversize, Undersize Overall-Oversize, Undersize -
Thread Blanks, Spirals, Short, Bent Blanks, Spirals, Short, Bent Blanks, Bent
Point Missing, Defective Missing, Defective Missing, Defective
Grooves Missing, Oversize, Undersize Missing, Oversize, Undersize Missing
Washers Missing, Double Missing, Double Missing, Double
Double End Studs Blanks, Spirals, Short, Bent, Collars Blanks, Spirals Short, Bent, Collars Blanks, Bent, Collars
Adhesives Presence & Location of 360 Degree Presence of or Location Presence of or Location
All Parts Foreign, Mixed Foreign, Mixed Foreign, Mixed
Packaging and labeling available
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