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Vibratory Feeder Bowl: Basics

Vibratory Feeder Bowl

The size, scope, and usage of a vibratory feeder and vibratory feeder bowl vary from industry to industry, but the basic principle remains the same: taking a bulk of parts fed into the system in a random fashion and releasing these same parts in a uniform rate at the discharge.

Think of using a funnel, whether in a sandbox or for measuring dry ingredients in a recipe: You often must tap the sides to keep the materials moving at a consistent pace. This is a simplified example of how vibratory bowl feeders work and why they are effective on the larger industrial scale.

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Vibratory Bowl Feeders

In the pharmaceutical sector, vibratory bowl feeders are valuable in expediting processes. A large quantity of pills can be dumped into the vibratory bowls system and then exit singly at the discharge. This allows a preset number of pills to be poured into individual bottles by the machinery. The elimination of manual counting and the ability to fill bottles in bulk quickly allows for a more efficient system and therefore, a significant cost savings.

The operation of a vibratory feeder bowl functions to prevent clogging and congestion within the system.

Vibratory Bowls Across Industries

In addition to the pharmaceutical industry, vibratory bowls serve in various capacities across many industries. The underlying physics ultimately remain the same: A large quantity of bulk parts is fed into the opening and the vibratory bowls and gravity work together to help the material make a consistent exit, typically into a smaller opening. The control over the parts or materials helps assembly lines, plant operations, and manpower become more efficient and productive.

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