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Vibratory Parts Feeders: Maintenance

Vibratory Parts Feeders

If you've purchased or are considering purchasing a Jerhen feeder system, whether you use or need our vibratory parts feeders or an entire system overhaul, you clearly care about using quality products and keeping a keen eye on efficiency. You are probably, then, also concerned with keeping those systems or parts working to their fullest potential by performing routine maintenance.

For your Jerhen handlers or feeders, taking a few extra steps on a regular (daily, weekly, or monthly) basis will keep your system, and therefore your manufacturing process, operating at its best.

The first step is keeping the components clean. Vibratory parts handlers and feeders can become clogged with debris. Conducting a routine scrub can eliminate this common cause of jamming and slowing. Keeping the system clean and dry depends primarily on the type of industry and environment in which you work. Typically a daily or weekly clean can work, but some conditions warrant more frequent, even once per shift, cleaning.

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It is ultimately the owner's responsibility to determine the cleaning schedule for vibratory parts feeders and other system components. But moreover, their interest should lie in keeping the plant and their Jerhen systems running at their peak performance.

Vibratory Parts Handlers: Maintenance

There are several other items to keep in mind while adhering to a diligent cleaning schedule:

  • Turn off power to clean
  • Continually inspect parts between cleanings
  • Cleaning times are also ideal for tightening bolts, nuts, screws, and other features of the machine
  • Check any clamps or coils within the system
  • Never oil the drive springs

Maintaining proper routine care of your vibratory parts handlers and other components can keep it running at its best, which will save you money in the short term by keeping operations at a high level of productivity and in the long-run by keeping repair and replacement costs minimal.

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